Everyday blessings. Love of nature, appreciation of light and color, a focus on the everyday beauty of wildness/wilderness that sustains us and reminds us of what is real and true in a time when our world spins out of control. That is my impetus for painting and for searching for peace and deeper meaning. There is something transcendent and joyful in striving to share the radiant luminosity and spirit of flora and fauna by putting paint on canvas to capture nature.

Lori Lynn is a graphic designer, photographer and oil painter residing in North Leverett, MA. Lori Lynn’s fine art training took her from Lancaster, PA to Manhattan, NY to Florence, Italy to Boston, MA, and finally to Western Mass. Her focus on botanical images and landscape reflects her deep love of nature, of the colors, dramatic shapes and patterns of light and shadow that surround one in the garden, woods and fields.

In her most recent work Lori Lynn applies thick layers of highly saturated colors. These paintings typically begin on a black canvas and end quite vibrantly in a style somewhat reminiscent of stained glass. She alternates between detailed scenes based on her nature photographs and looser imaginary vistas, working the fine line between a realistic landscape and something more ephemeral and spontaneous. The first body of work keeps to a tighter representation of specific landscape or flora, while the latter group is a more painterly exploration of compelling natural beauty, seen as a colorist, based more on how a landscape feels than looks.