My art stems from a simple intrinsic impulse to convey the beauty of nature. I have been deeply looking at and in love with nature since childhood. Like others who find their spirituality in the garden/woods/mountains/coast, I believe the abundance and diversity surrounding us is a necessary counterpoint to the issues and upsets in our world. Art focusing on nature reminds us of the imperative to create climate solutions that preserve the beauty of our planet.

I paint what I see and what I love: flowers, plants and animals as well as landscape and seascape. My goal is to share visually the everyday blessings that bring us comfort and joy. I am struck daily by ingenious designs in nature – simple ones like the shape and color of fauna, or light on water, or clouds in the sky, and also more intricate designs like spiderwebs or the Fibonacci spiral of seeds in a sunflower. I strive to capture this beauty in a way that shows my admiration and delight, and I hope that viewing my work brings a sense of wonder and celebration of the natural world.


Lori Lynn is retired as a graphic designer and now devoted full time to oil painting. Her fine art journey took her from PA to NY to Italy and finally to Western Mass. Living in the scenic Pioneer Valley, she finds purpose and fulfillment in sharing the beauty and spirit of flora and fauna.


Working with oils, Lori Lynn applies thick layers of highly saturated colors. Her paintings typically begin on a black background and end quite vibrantly in a style often reminiscent of stained glass, with art deco/art nouveau graphic styles also serving as an influence. Technique and approach are stylized and painterly, bringing an emotional connection through simple shape and a colorist focus. Lori Lynn paints botanical images which are both whimsical and realistic – capturing specific flora or creating imaginary gardens of intertwining flower and vine. Some of her landscape paintings are detailed scenes based also on her nature photographs, but other times are a looser fantastical landscape, seeking something more ephemeral and dreamy… a memory of beauty seen in nature and reinterpreted.

She is new to plein air painting and enjoying the freedom and spontaneity (and struggle) that it brings. This winter will be her 3rd time of driving her studio down to Florida to spend the month of January painting daily from nature.

• Gallery Director, Leverett Crafts and Arts
• Member, Leverett Cultural Council/Mass Cultural Council
• Member, Marblehead Arts Association
• Member, Provincetown Art Association and Museum
• Member, Lighthouse Art Center, Jupiter FL